• CMCM’s Enhanced Reports Provide Clarity

    Enhanced reporting capability enables CMCM to provide clients essential data, in the form of understandable, meaningful reports to support decision making and practice management needs.

    What you don’t know can hurt you. Did you know that meaningful use criteria for EHR specify that “at least 80% of all claims are filed electronically by an eligible provider?”

  • Management Reports Track Income by Provider, Facility and Carrier

  • CMCM reports provide you with monthly, quarterly, and yearly management reports tracking charges and income by provider, by facility, and by carriers with particular emphasis on managed care companies and contractual agreements to support practice management and development. Graphic analysis will compare data from month-to-month and from year-to-year for a comprehensive view of trends related to productivity.

  • Providing Assistance with Meeting Federal Requirements

  • Key reports include:

    ~Referral analysis
    ~Accounts receivable
    ~Aging trends by payor
    ~Key practice performance ratios

  • CMCM will advise and assist your office to meet Federal requirements for all healthcare and insurance-related matters, including:

    ~HIPAA compliance
    ~Requirements for Physician Quality Review (PQRI)
    ~Transitioning to Electronic Health Records (EHR) eligibility, incentives, and penalties
    ~Implementation of Version 5010, ICD-10 and modifiers

    Call CMCM at 203-453-2795 for a complimentary assessment of your practice reporting and compliance needs.

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