• CMCM Verifies All CPT IV and ICD-10 Codes and Modifiers

    Inaccurate coding can lead to expensive errors and could be costing your practice money every day.

    CMCM verifies all CPT IV and ICD-10 codes and modifiers according to specialty, and updated codes are suggested whenever appropriate. All procedures are coded according to each individual carrier’s requirements. Evaluation and Management codes are integrated into the billing system for appropriate payment by Medicare and Medicaid to ensure maximum benefits and prompt processing and payment of claims.

    You Can Expect Significant Results for Your Practice

  • CMCM Clients Experience Reimbursement Rates above industry standards – often 98% by:

  • ~Eliminating coding errors
    ~Expediting adjudication and payment of claims
    ~Completing filing with primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance
    ~Automatically appealing any denied or reduced claims.

  • CMCM charges no additional fees, beyond the basic claim contract for these enhanced services or for other services such as software upgrades and yearly updating of codes.

    Every Client Is Assigned a Dedicated Account Executive

    CMCM works collaboratively with your office to communicate information about claims and patient billing. Each client’s account executive has immediate access to information, support, and follow-up to ensure effective communications with your staff and your patients on all insurance and financial matters. Our staff are cross-trained and bonded ensuring expert service and prompt responses.

    The close relationship of our staff and your practice, integrated systems, and interactive notes eliminate worries about staff vacations, leaves or interim coverage for your billing and claims filing operations.

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